Online data recovery services for working Hard disk,Pendrive,Memory cards,Laptop ,Desktop or other storage media.Using the online recovery service,you may be able to get back deleted files & folders,repair corrupted files,videos,documents,etc

Remote data recovery can be done in the situations where

1) Files are deleted
2) Files may be formatted
3) Files may be corrupted and inaccessible
4) Files missing from the drive
5) Virus cause the damage.
6) Paritition is missing
7) Files are encrypted

Remote data recovery procedure


Analyse the drive remotely - Data recovery technician is allowed full access to the system and shall analyze if there is a chance to get the data back.Technician may restore a few files and verify it with you.If the data is ok,technician shall proceed to do the ful recovery.The process can take 30 minutes to 4 hours or more depending on the issue and the amount of data.

Stage :2

Full scan and recovery - After your confirmation and payment,we shall proceed to scan and retrieve the data in the same session itself.It may be copied to the same system or any other external drive attached to it.

Prerequisite to do the data recovery on your computer:

1)Laptop /Desktop which is working
2)Good Internet speed
3)Operating system : Windows/Linux/macOS
4)Install the remote unilities provided by us in your system and provide us the username and password of that utility to take control of the system to do data recovery.
5)External hard drive to save the data

Data remains in your hard drive so that there are no privacy issues.

Minimum remote recovery charge: Rs 2500

There may be an analysis fee of Rs 500 which is non refundable and non- adjustable

Charges can go high if it is a ransomeware issue.

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